Snapped Power Lines, Toppled Barns, Neighbors Feel ‘Lucky’ After Storm


Afternoon storms uproot trees, snap power lines, and topple barns. Officials now wait for the National Weather Service to confirm what exactly hit the Tri-State.

As neighbors begin the clean up process, some are still in shock by what just happened. But whatever it was, most in the path are feeling lucky.

Jim Puertzer lives on Petersburgh Rd. just north of Baseline Rd. He lost five pine trees, and had power lines ripped from his home. In his front yard, three power lines lay across a field.

But that’s not all, he says. “Neighbors car port is leaning over there across Highway 57 up against that house,” he says, pointing 200 yards across an open field.

Just around the block is Arthur Owen’s 120 year-old home. “We got the call from our neighbor saying we had lost some roofing and our garage door was open. And I knew I didn’t leave the garage door open.”

That’s because the storm blew it off. His home also lost shingles, and patio furniture is scattered.

Deputy Director of the Evansville-Vanderburgh County EMA, Chad Woodburn, says the damage was extensive. “A lot of telephone poles have been snapped, we have had some building damage, a couple barns.”

The EMA is still waiting to make this storm official, but neighbors don’t need any confirmation.

Puertzer’s wife says she was just about to leave the house, when “she looked out of the barn and she said the wind was really squirrely; something she had never seen before.” He says his family is lucky. “The damage is mostly cosmetic, no structural damage.”

Owen says he’s counting his lucky stars. “Could have been a lot worse, thank the good lord that’s all it was.”

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