Snodgrass Owner’s Mother Explains Why Store Closed


The Snodgrass Floral Company has been in business for almost 30 years and abruptly closes. The owner’s mother tells Eyewitness News what happened.

Last week a sign on the floral company’s door said “relocating.” Now, Snodgrass Floral Company is redirecting it’s clients to a different florist in the Tri-State. 

“We had a wonderful business, wonderful customers, I’m really sad this happened,” Jerri Baehl says. 

April Showers bring may flowers, but Snodgrass is now out of the spring picture. 

“What are we going to do,” Baehl says. “The money was going out so fast we could not keep a balance in our checking account. It was overwhelming.”

Jerri Baehl’s daughter Jennifer Smith owns Snodgrass. Baehl says since August 2016, more than $150,000 were lost from the company’s accounts in electronic transactions. 

“Multiple ACH transactions were coming out of our account under our vendors’ names and I would call our vendors and they said no they didn’t have a transaction that day,” Baehl says.

Baehl explains she started seeing deposits were incorrect by $2,000 or $3,000, leaving her without that money. She explains when she started tracing it, the Snodgrass computers were locked down. 

“The FBI said I needed to make sure that we got everything out of the computers that we could, but that this was not uncommon,” Baehl says. 

Baehl says the FBI believes it was a hacker, and she is working with an IT department to get answers. 

“With everything going on and we’re not getting the money back because the FBI said it did go out of the country, I’m thinking we can’t relocate,” Baehl says. 

The doors closed, and clients redirected to It Can Be Arranged. 

Mindy Bittner, the owner of It can Be Arranged says, “As a small business owner, you don’t want to see any other small business owner go under whether they’re a competitor or not.”

It Can Be Arranged bought Snodgrass’s inventory getting the flowers to the right garden.

“We made sure that we called everybody that paid for an order and we told them we couldn’t deliver or we went ahead and fulfilled it,” Baehl says. “To our faithful customers, I really want to say I’m sorry that this happened.”

Court records say the owners of the property on Lincoln Avenue filed a complaint against Snodgrass claiming the business owner broke her lease and wanted the business and its employees out.

A court date is scheduled for later this month regarding the eviction of Snodgrass and the alleged broken lease.

Eyewitness News will continue to follow this story. 

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