OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Sorgho Elementary School is the first school in Daviess County to receive a Purple Star Award. The award recognizes schools that show a major commitment to serving military-connected students.

“Oh, it’s everything to me. I’m so proud of my grandson and this school,” says Stephen Wilkey, a veteran in attendance.

Morgan Krampe, a family resource coordinator for the elementary school and the liaison for the Purple Star Award, says the school has been implementing several of the requirements needed to receive the special award for years.

“This Veteran’s day assembly, we have a veteran reserve parking spot out there. We have veteran pictures of our kids family members. We have been recognizing them for years. I wanted to make sure that Sorgho had the Purple Star, so military people could come and say ‘oh okay. I know that I’m connected here’,” says Krampe.

In September, Krampe says she completed training on how to best support students and their families, such as providing resources for housing and medical assistance.

In October, Sorgho Elementary became 1 of 72 schools statewide to hold the honor.

“Their world gets shifted upside down whenever their loved one is deployed or whenever they are just returning. I think that offering that support to them, inside the classroom, helps their success in the future,” says Krampe.

School leaders say building the bridge between school and home life helps them to be proactive as they keep resources up-to-date.

Marjie Pippin, the school’s principal, says it’s a direct representation of their mission to collaborate, love, lead and educate.

“We have many students and families that have relatives who have served our country. So, to make those connections, and to watch some of our students react to that like ‘oh, I didn’t know’. They have that commonality of ‘I know someone who served as well and they have sacrificed’,” says Pippin.