Newburgh, Ind. (WEHT) Spooky season is here. While some may be pumpkin carving or jumping into leaf piles, others are looking for a scare. The Newburgh Civitan Zombie Farm opened for the season tonight. But before putting on the makeup and costumes, actors prepare for a variety of emergencies.

Mark Fischer is the president of the Newburgh Civitan Club. Each year, Fischer says they fill out paperwork for a special license and insurance.

“We’re always prepared for all of these situations, from earthquake to tornado to fire,” he says.

There are emergency exists throughout the attraction and fire extinguishers every couple of feet.

“We are trained on where to aim them if there is a fire and where to go to get the customer out,” says Kimber Weiss, an actor at the haunted house.

Weiss has been acting at the haunted attraction for about four years and says they are trained before each spooky season and are given a handbook.

“We are trained to scare, but be safe at the same time,” she says.

Officials with the Zombie Farm say they have a meeting place across the street in case of an emergency. But fires and weather-related emergencies are not the only scenarios on actors’ minds as they scare customers. Shandi Braner has been acting with the Zombie Farm for seven years and says she has seen customers get physical with employees.

“I have seen other workers get hit. I have been hit and you just yelled the code word, and the adults are on their way,” she says.

Both Braner and Weiss say they have also seen some customers two scared and hyperventilate.

“If they get scared a little too much, we may have to quickly get out of character and just be like there is the door and if you have a panic attack, we will get you out. We have a code word,” says Weiss.

“Usually I just escort them to the back and we’ll get them out,” says Braner.

The Newburgh Zombie Farm is located on Vann Road in Newburgh, about two miles behind Castle High School.