HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Two local animal shelters are receiving much needed donations.

Eyewitness News partnered with Town Square Media and Pet Food Center for the 3rd annual ‘Stock the Shelters” event.

Every year, two shelters are chosen to receive donations and the two shelters this year were the “Humane Society of Henderson County” and “Another Chance for Animals”. Donations had been gathered at Pet Food Center locations over the last few months.

Kendra Gallagher, board president of the Humane Society of Henderson County, says all the donation are very helpful.

“Most people know right now the shelter world is in kind of dire need. These donations will surely help ACA, who is a great rescue partner of the humane society, which is an open intake shelter and also, we’re so appreciative of Eyewitness News and also Town Square Media,” she tells us. “They’re always great partners for all of the rescues and shelters in our community. Anytime we have a plea and need help they’re always the first ones to kind of reach out and cover what we need.”

Event organizers say they collected an entire garage full of food and supplies.