Stop Asian Hate rally held in Henderson


HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – A “Stop Asian Hate” rally was held in Henderson today at Audubon Mills Park.

The rally was held in hopes of creating more awareness about crimes against Asians — happening all across the country.

With a rise in Asian hate crime this past year, some residents of Henderson came to the rally to show they stand with the Asian community.

“I’ve always experienced racism, whether it was derogatory terms, or things have been said to me,” said Lily Hubbard of Henderson.

Hubbard says since May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, she felt that this rally was the perfect way to honor her heritage.

Rally organizer Tre Perkins says, for him, hate crimes hit home especially after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. He says we all must support one another in times like these.

“The Asian community came out to support us when during our Black Lives Matter Movement. I know it’s our turn to give back,” said Perkins.

“When I come up on the podium to talk about racism, people feel sorry for me, they feel pain and like, that’s okay, but I’m here to share it because it is my Chinese-American spirit.

Lily is a life-long resident of Henderson after she was adopted from China 18 years ago. Her mother saying she now has concerns for her daughter’s safety.

“When you have to be afraid to go to Walmart, because you don’t know who’s in there, you know, waiting for the right moment to attack just because of what you look like,” said Lily’s mother Beth Hubbard.

“We have growing Hispanic population, a growing Asian population. Kentucky’s famous for its quilts and quilts are made from all colors and fabrics. Henderson’s quilt is pretty cool and different and diverse,” said Brad Schneider, Henderson County Judge Executive.

“I’m not going to understand the experiences that Asian-Americans are going to have to go through as well as Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, I have the white privilege to be able to share my voice and I have the position where I can give support,” said Cooper Beck-Benson, President of The Young Democrats.

Beth Hubbard saying this type of support is exactly what is needed right now.

“It does give me hope, seeing the young folks come out and you know, they’re our future, you know, that’s where change comes from,” said Hubbard.

Perkins says today’s support inspires him in spite of these dark times.

“Yes, it’s dark, but you keep going forward. At the end of the you’ll see the light and that’s when things will change.”

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