Storms Topple Historic Tree at Oak Hill Cemetery

It stood the test of time but could not withstand Tuesday’s storm. At Evansville’s Historic Oak Hill Cemetery, the city’s Department of Urban Forestry began cleaning up after a century-old tree came tumbling down in Tuesday’s storm.

But it wasn’t just any tree. It was a eastern white pine tree, the former county champion, meaning it was once the tallest tree of it’s species in the county.

When the tree fell, officials say it caused minor damage to some of the nearby headstones, some of which date back to the 1880’s. They will be rearranged and repaired once the tree and all of it’s limbs are cleaned up.

“Another day with a storm event in the cemetery,” said Superintendent of City Cemeteries Chris Cooke, “mother nature tries to challenge us to a game of pick up sticks. We tend to lose every time. We’re here, and it’s one of those things when you have an event like yesterday, you’re going to have the opportunity the next day.”

While surveying the damage, Cooke found a geocache. Geocaching is a hobby for some people, which includes hiding items and giving clues as to their location. In this case, Cooke says the geocache was found in the debris of the toppled tree.

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