String of Car Vandalism Cases Hits Evansville


EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — Vandals hit around 12 to 15 cars in Evansville over a 24-hour period on Tuesday, according to Evansville Police. While police are not looking at all the cases as related, it believes the same group of teens are behind a cluster of vandalism cases in the area south of downtown.

“Overall, it’s always been a quiet neighborhood, safe neighborhood, that type of thing, never really had any real issues,” John Herring, who lives on the 800-block of S. Morton Avenue, said.

Herring said he was relaxing at his home Tuesday night when he had an unexpected visitor.

“Doorbell rings, which is not normally a good sign at 10:30 at night on a weekday,” he said. “It was a police officer, letting me know at that time, there was damage done to my vehicle.”

Herring said he found shattered glass around his car and a window smashed. But his car wasn’t the only target.

“At that point, six other vehicles, or a total of six, including mine, had been hit, probably within the last couple of hours,” he said.

A few blocks over on S. Bedford Avenue, Nikkita Woodcock found two of her car’s windows broken outside her home.

“There was a lot of glass,” she said. “There were three other cars sitting right here and I just kept saying, ‘Why my car?’ I started crying. I was an emotional wreck all day and that just made it 10 times worse.”

Evansville Police said multiple witnesses in the area south of downtown reported seeing a group of teens fleeing from the scenes in a black Ford sedan after witnesses hear the sound of glass breaking.

Police said it appears the vandals were using rocks and possibly BB guns to break the windows. According to police, nothing was taken from the cars in most cases.

“People work hard, try to keep their property up, take care of their vehicles, that type of thing, and just to come in and take advantage of that, that’s obviously not a positive situation,” Herring said.

“I was supposed to be at work at midnight last night,” Woodcock said. “I wasn’t allowed to go to work, so it was pretty stressful. I lost money over kids being stupid.”

While it isn’t an ideal situation to be in, Herring said he is just happy this was the extent of the damage.

“I always try to keep a positive slant on things,” he said. “Obviously could have been a lot wore. Nobody’s hurt. Nobody’s injured. Repairs can be done pretty easily.”

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