Student, Principal Trade Places at Daviess Co. School

Growing up, did you ever wonder what it’d be like to be in charge of your school?

One Daviess County student got to do that as he was principal for a day, trading places with the principal, who went back to the classroom as a student.

At College View Middle School, Chris Salamah took a seat at his desk and Principal Jennifer Crume took a seat at hers.

“We’re tardy,” Crume says.

Except he was at her desk.

“I have a schedule for today for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. And I have my script for the renaissance rally. The rest is all, like, I don’t know,” says Salamah.

And she was at his.

“Geometry was a little bit of a learning curve. It’s been a while since I’ve had a geometry class. But it was fun.”

Trading places for a day, with Salamah being principal, and Crume being a student for the day after Chris raised the most money a recent walk-a-thon.

“Last year, I was a 6th grader.  This year, I was a 7th grader,” says Crume.

“It’s pretty fun. I haven’t done anything too tedious or anything. I’ve taken a tour of the upstairs of the school. I’ve never seen it before,” Salamah adds. “It’s pretty fun.”

It’s the second year College View Middle’s done it started as a way to motivate students into participating.

“We’ve been modifying our fundraiser ideas for the last couple of years. We were trying to come up with a reward that would entice the students that they would be interested in winning.”

Salamah says his learning didn’t change just because his role did.

“For my geometry class, I really didn’t want to get behind on that. So I just sat in, got the notes down,” he says.

Crume says having the same point of view as students gets her learning how students see their time at college view from their point of view.

“Immersing myself this way I have a different perspective than I do when I’m just visiting a classroom. Seeing the students and the tasks they’re asked to complete throughout the day, it’s challenging,” Crume says.

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