(WEHT) – For many people, their job is made better by the people around them. However, according to a recent study, most people reported not having a best friend at work.

A Gallup study from June of 2022 says only one in five adults could report having a coworker they would consider close enough to be a best friend.

While for people over the age of 35, those numbers have stayed consistent, it has dropped for those who fall on the other side of that age range. People under 35 have reported feeling less connected to their workplaces and their coworkers. A likely reason for this is the increase in remote work due to the pandemic.

Additionally, the younger crowd think work friendships come in handy when it comes to dealing with stress and is an important part of employee retention. Employees with friends in the workplace are more likely to be more productive, share more ideas and have less accidents.

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