HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – A recent study by WalletHub ranking early education has Indiana at the bottom.

The study concluded while Indiana was ranked last, Illinois and Kentucky did a lot better with Illinois ranked 16th and Kentucky ranked 21st.

WalletHub states their study was across 12 metrics, including share of school districts that offer a state pre-K program, number of pre-K quality benchmarks met and total reported spending per child enrolled in pre-K.

In categories of access, quality and resources and economic support, the same study concluded the following for the three states:

  • Kentucky
    • Access – 18th
    • Quality – 18th
    • Resources – 44th
  • Illinois
    • Access – 5th
    • Quality – 44th
    • Resources – 17th
  • Indiana
    • Access – Last
    • Quality – 30th
    • Resources – 41st

For a list of full results, click here.