Study Ranks Return on Investment for Taxpayers State-by-State


April 15 is Tax Day, and WalletHub has released its latest analysis of the US tax landscape.

WalletHub looked at taxpayers’ return on investment in all 50 states using 22 different metrics to compare the quality and efficiency of state government services across six categories.

The categories include Infrastructure, Education, Health, Safety, Economy, and Pollution.

The study takes into account the drastically different rates at which citizens are taxed state-by-state.

Here’s how Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois ranked among the other states:

Indiana – 36th overall in Return on Investment
  • 23rd in Infrastructure
  • 21st in Education
  • 37th in Health
  • 21st in Safety
  • 26th in Economy
  • 46th in Pollution

Illinois – 41st overall in Return on Investment

  • 37th in Infrastructure
  • 20th in Education
  • 21st in Health
  • 13th in Safety
  • 27th in Economy
  • 49th in Pollution
Kentucky – 44th overall in Return on Investment
  • 22nd in Infrastructure
  • 42nd in Education
  • 35th in Health
  • 22nd in Safety
  • 41st in Economy
  • 37th in Pollution

To find out where other states ranked, click here.

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