STURGIS, Ky. (WEHT)- Sturgis, Kentucky continues to take steps forward, after the recent financial struggles the city has faced.

The last couple of weeks have been spent slowly piecing together the new council.

The Kentucky League of Cities reached out to the council to say that they are able to appoint more than one person at each meeting. On Monday’s agenda: the addition of two new council members and a new mayor.

Rachel Hubbard and Hunter Davis are the two newest Sturgis City Council members. Newly appointed Mayor of Sturgis, Billy Adams, says, “She cares, she wants to make a difference…He’s had to make some tough decisions. We need somebody like that, because we’ve got some tough decisions to look at”.

“Optimism” seems to be a keyword for this new council. Hubbard explains, “There’s no room for pessimism right now. I mean, it’s human nature to be pessimistic, but we’re trying to do what’s best for this community. We’re trying to step up, and instead of just complaining about it, it’s time for us to start serving and try to help the community we love so much. What are we going to do moving forward? I’m not worried about yesterday, I’m worried about today and tomorrow”.

Hubbard is a 7th and 8th grade teacher. She explains what it means to be supported by her fellow citizens, the council, and the county, “The difference that a student can do when they think everybody is against them, versus when everybody is ‘yes, you can do this’, to me, that just goes back to everybody needs support in what they do”.

Hubbard and Davis agree that Billy Adams will do the “best job for Sturgis”. Davis says, “He wants to see the city survive just as much or more than anybody else does”. Hubbard adds, “…Not just survive, but thrive”.

Now that the city has enough sitting council members, they can begin to conduct business. Mayor Adams says, “We’ve got to move on this, we really do. Time is of the essence”.

There are still two city council members left to be appointed. Mayor Adams says these spots will be filled shortly, but in the meantime, they are focused on taking steps to move the city forward.