STURGIS, Ky. (WEHT)- As Sturgis continues work to get the city back on the right track, officials assure the public an investigation into the city’s finances will follow. Over the summer, the mayor and entire council resigned over unpaid bills, that left the city on the brink of bankruptcy.

The council shared tonight that they can’t find any past records at the City Clerk’s office. Because of this, they’ve voted to file a resolution with the state, in hopes they will be able to move forward with receiving some grant money. Following the questions of finances, the council wants an investigation.

Mayor Billy Adams says, “the people of Sturgis deserve an answer”. New Mayor Billy Adams says he and the council can’t focus on getting answers while they have other issues looming over them. They say they are hopeful the state is sending an investigator. If the state won’t investigate, the sheriff’s office will. Mayor Adams says, “if somebody did something wrong, they need to know. If it was mismanagement, they need to know. If there’s nothing there, they need to know”.

As of last week, Sturgis no longer has a police department. As we reported, former police officer Chance Whitfield is now employed by the sheriff’s office.

Union County Sheriff Thomas assures the public that the county will have their six. He says, “if a potential criminal thinks Sturgis is a good target, they’re sorely mistaken”.

We also asked Mayor Adams if they are looking to appoint a sixth council member. He said they had 30 days to make their appointments. The council asked four people, and they received four no’s. They’ve now surpassed that 30 day window and are locked into the council as is. Mayor Adams says he feels confident this council is equipped to make the right decisions going forward.