STURGIS, Ky. (WEHT)- The City of Sturgis is facing ongoing financial issues and held a city council meeting tonight.

Years of unkept records, mounting debt looming over the city, and Sturgis is now without a mayor. Kent Sayle resigns, saying he has a full-time job and is trying to do right by his employer and the city.

Mayor Sayle’s resignation went into effect immediately following Monday’s meeting. The council can call a special meeting to elect an interim mayor.

The future of Sturgis remains to be seen, as there are still several steps to getting the city back on track.

On Monday, the council voted to hire who they say is an experienced person, to get the finance books caught up from the last few years that they’ve fallen behind. The council estimated it will take a month or two to get the books up to date.

Union County Judge Executive Adam O’nan has been at the past 2 meetings to show his growing concern and to support the citizens.. He continues to emphasize that the city’s people will not go without service, regardless of what happens to Sturgis.