EVANSVILLE, IN (WEHT) – The Summer Heatwave event, hosted by FATMAC will feature performances by local artists DATBOIMAXX, NICKADEMUS, JUSTBRANDON, MICKI CAKES, GEMINI GRIZZ, AND BIGG COOP.

DATBOIMAXX is excited what a positive night like this could do for the local music community.

“What this really is, is an event that showcases and highlights the hip-hop rap and R&B scene with some really talented and great independent music artists from around the Tristate,” MAXXX says.

Doors open at 9:00pm at Lamasco Bar and Grill for an evening showcasing the talented artists in the area.

 “It’s on a more positive note and side because we all know the venue for being all-about live entertainment, and that’s what brings us people the community out to enjoy it and support it.,” MAXXX adds.