WARRICK COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – Many people have found it harder to keep food on the table because of inflation this summer. That’s why many people have taken things into their own hands and started growing their food.

Reports from the government state that the food price index climbed more than 9% in April which makes it the largest 12-month increase in 41 years.

“There’s always a learning curve and maybe some frustrations but people find that the reason that gardening is so popular is that many people get enjoyment out of growing their own food. Whether that be fruits or vegetables in a pot, or a patio garden, or just your own herbs to be able to cook with… Lots of different options depending on your desires,” said Amanda Mosiman at the Purdue Extension Office in Warrick County.

The office further said they first saw an uptick in interest for gardening during the pandemic. Now to fight price hikes, first time gardeners are planting their own food to save money. They are willing to help those who don’t have a green thumb, get started on a garden of their own by answering questions about seeds, soil and more!

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