Surveillance Footage, Person Who Knew Suspect Led Police to Arrest in Cass Ave. Shooting


Evansville Police made in arrest in the shooting death of Jamie Baker on Wednesday. On Thursday, a police affidavit is revealing new details about the shooting and the arrest of Deryan Cook.

The Shooting

According to a police affidavit, when authorities arrived at the scene, Michael Turpin told authorities that he and Baker were walking to a friend’s house to get a battery for Turpin’s truck.

The two were reportedly walking west on Covert Ave. approaching Weinbach Ave. when they walked across the parking of the Walgreen’s on Covert Ave.

That’s when Turpin told authorities a man with a brown hooded jacket or sweatshirt left the Chuckle’s gas station on Weinbach and started walking towards them.

Turpin told authorities the man walked past them and seemed to have an angry look in his eye so he told Baker to keep walking.

When the two crossed Weinbach, Turpin reportedly said he noticed the man had been waiting by the entrance to Walgreen’s and then started to follow Baker and him.

According to the affidavit, Turpin said he and Baker turned west onto Cass Ave. and got a little away from Weinbach Ave. and the man told them to get on the ground.

According to authorities, Turpin told Baker to run and that’s when Turpin said he heard three or four shots.

When Turpin turned around, he told authorities the male suspect ran toward Weinbach Ave.

Police said four .40 caliber shell casings were found on the scene.

Preliminary autopsy results indicate a bullet caused Baker’s death, according to police.

Surveillance Footage

Police said surveillance footage supports the account that Turpin gave authorities.

On the camera at Walgreen’s, police said Baker and Turpin were visible just before 2 a.m. entering the north side of the parking lot. According to the affidavit, they’re seen continuing southwest and a subject passes them going east through the parking lot.

The subject is then seen waiting by the front door for a moment before going in the same direction as Baker and Turpin, according to the affidavit.

Arrest of Deryan Cook

On Wednesday morning, a person went to authorities saying that they were driving by the scene when police were responding to the scene.

The person told authorities that he knew the suspect and the suspect had told him he shot a girl four times with a .40 caliber pistol. Police said this person’s account of the number of shots and the caliber of the casings had not yet been released to the media.

Police said they were then able to verify the suspect as Deryan O. Cook based on Cook’s address and a nickname which the person knew the suspect by.

A picture of Cook was shown to the person and the person confirmed that the picture was the suspect.

Police arrested Cook in the 1900 block of Colts Ln. after serving a judicially reviewed search warrant.

There were several people inside the apartment, in addition to Cook.

According to the affidavit, one person at the house said that she had seen Cook with a pistol in his pocket, but that he got rid of it on Tuesday.

Police said nothing of evidentiary value was seized from the house.

Michael Turpin was then shown a photo lineup with six photos and when asked if he recognized anyone in the photos, Turpin pointed out Cook and said he was the one that shot at Baker.

When Cook was taken to EPD headquarters, police said Cook initially denied any involvement.

Without it being mentioned by police, Cook allegedly admitted a .40 caliber pistol was involved.

Cook allegedly gave police different stories about where he was when the shooting happened. Cook also allegedly claimed that he followed behind the male and female until he heard the shots and then ran away.

When asked about the .40 caliber pistol, Cook allegedly denied possessing it at first but then admitted he had it before the murder but gave it back before the incident.

(This story was originally published on June 8, 2017)

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