A new survey says smoking the wacky tabaccy isn’t a deal-breaker for dating prospects.

WhatsYourPrice.com releases a survey showing a majority of singles in America are willing to date someone who smokes marijuana. Results reveal Kentucky is the most 420-friendly state for singles, with 83 percent of respondents saying they’d date someone who lights up.
While members of the site may not be stoners themselves, they are willing to date one.
The survey shows 3 out of 5 singles would date someone who smokes marijuana, that number comes from more than 30,000 respondents.

Data indicated those who identified as Agnostic or non-religious were the most-accepting of lighting up, while Orthodox Christian were the least. Sixty percent of men would date a woman who smokes weed, whereas 55 percent of women would say “yes” to a pothead.

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