Dawson Springs, Ky. (WEHT) You can imagine, people in western Kentucky that just experienced a deadly, disastrous tornado in December are feeling a little anxious today with more severe weather.

“Everybody is on edge. Everybody is concerned, and its real,’ said Leonard Whalen, Superintendent of Dawson Springs Independent School District.

Residents in tornado ravaged Dawson Springs and Bremen always feel uneasy when severe weather is in the forecast. And survivors of mother nature’s fury worry that it could happen again.

“My wife works at the school. And she said every time a storm or storm warning comes up- the kids get nervous and excited. Especially those who went through the last tornado,” said Mack Rose, who lives in Bremen.

“It’s scary. I hope it doesn’t hit though I really do,” said Samantha Dover, who lives in Dawson Springs.

Dover took shelter at home when the tornado hit on December 10th, and she’s prepared to do it again.

“We’re probably going to hide in the bathtub again like we did last time,” she said.

But others don’t have a safe place.

“I went to my brother’s house and got in the basement,” Rose said.

The Dawson Springs Independent School District recently said it would not be able to open the Junior Senior High School as a storm shelter, as the building is not certified as such.

But the Superintendent says after much discussion the decision changed.

“I told him that I would like to proceed with a waiver to acknowledge that we don’t have a certified shelter But be able to offer it to anyone who is interested and signs a waiver. I believe we have the safest facility in town,” Whalen said.

The shelter will be in the rear of the Middle School wing.

Residents must sign a waiver when they get there.

After entering the doors, school employees will guide residents to the safe area.

The shelter will be open based on need.