SWIRCA Wednesday Lunches Canceled


Lunch is served at eleven a.m., a special time for one group of ladies.

“We’ll I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a nice place to come to,” said MaryAnn Derrick.

Tuesdays and Thursdays is when their lively bunch meets.

“Mature, most of the time,” said Derrick.

The group is thankful their social days aren’t going to be taken away.

“I hope it’s just temporary,” said Derrick.

Wednesday lunches at the SWIRCA center, starting tomorrow, will be canceled.

“The middle of the week seemed to be the safest for all those concerned. Most people that are involved in our program are those that are at higher risk of not having a good nutritious meal. So, we felt if we picked Friday they would have to go into a weekend and not have that warm meal for three days,” said President of SWIRCA Rhonda Zuber. 

SWIRCA President Rhonda Zuber says their biggest source of funding is donations. But the average donation of ninety seven cents, simply won’t cut it, prompting the decision to close on Wednesdays.

“It would end up saving us about forty four thousand dollars and when we were looking at a hundred and seventy five thousand dollar deficit, we had to make that a reality and make it come to be,” said Zuber.

Even though Wednesdays aren’t their day,

“We might talk about a man every once and awhile, but that’s very seldom,” said Derrick.

The animated bunch says they couldn’t imagine if their day was taken away.

“I’d be really disappointed because I really look forward to my Tuesdays and Thursdays or any other day,” said Rietman.  

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