EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Tenants at Martin Park Apartments in Evansville took to Facebook to show their dismay over unsanitary and unsafe living conditions at the complex, formerly known as Eco Square Apartments. On Monday, dozens of tenants attended the Evansville City Council meeting and spoke out about their woes.

From no hot water, to water raining down from the ceilings, to reports of black mold. These tenants said they are fed up with what they deal with on a daily basis.

Melissa Froust lives in the apartment complex with her wife and two daughters. She said, “there’s sewage coming up, there’s trash, it’s deplorable living conditions. It’s awful.”

Froust said she was walking in her hallway on April 20 when she felt the carpet rip and she fell through the floor. “And then we called the office and all they asked was what time did it happen, not if I was okay or if they could come to fix it.”

Froust said she had to cover the hole up herself with a wooden board. Some tenants said on top of trash lying around in several places, walkways flooded with human waste, and holes in their walls and doors, they are also being told to re-pay rent that they had already sent to the office.

“Some rent money was sitting in the office for three months without being processed or put in the bank,” said Denise Thomas, whose aunt lives at Martin Park. She said the landlord announced that the office was broken into and the checks were stolen. “So by them getting that money stolen, they tried to put it onto the tenants to pay for what was stole out of the account.”

Many tenants, like Thomas’ aunt, said they received notes on their doors stating if they don’t pay what was taken, they will be forced to move out in May, regardless of a lease expiring.

“They said that she had a 10 day notice to quit or be evicted,” added Thomas.

Councilman Alex Burton said every resident in Evansville deserves a safe, quality and affordable place to call home. Councilman Jonathan Weaver went to the complex to experience it first hand.

“[The] office, I was a little disheartened, was closed,” said Councilman Weaver. “The leasing office. The phone number did not work. I like to get both sides of the story. But what we’re hearing tonight about the conditions on the inside, don’t reflect the outside.”

A spokesperson from the Building Commission said there were four inspectors at the complex on Monday and said that the reports should be finalized this week.

Councilman Ron Beane announced at the meeting that the councilmembers will be doing walkthroughs with tenants at Martin Park apartments who signed up. For those not in attendance, contact the Building Commission to file a complaint regarding the complex.