Texas Storms Leave One Dead with Many More Injured


The town of Cisco, Texas will spend Monday cleaning up after a tornado destroyed several buildings there and left one person dead over the weekend.

An EF3 tornado struck the town in central Texas — destroying nine homes and injuring three, in addition to the one death.

Hagen Black was home with his family when he realized the tornado was coming in their direction.

It managed to travel right around their home.

“Everything’s calm and still. There was no wind or rain, and I looked to the west and I could see it circling and I could hear it. It sounded like a plane going over the house,” said Black.

The town of Van, Texas was hit by severe weather on Sunday.

At least 26 people were injured and dozens of buildings around town were damaged.

Some reports indicate as much as one third of Van suffered some sort of storm damage.

And people living around Krum, Texas were evacuated by Army National Guard helicopter Sunday afternoon after storms brought heavy rain and flash flooding.

There were also reports of a tornado touchdown near Denton.

Storm damage was reported in and around the town.

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