HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-Next year, Owensboro will play host to one of the largest outdoor events in the nation.

The King Kat Tournament Trail will be held next May and is all about fishing, hunting, archery and more.

City officials made the announcement today at the Convention Center Pier. The event will feature a catfishing tournament, as well as vendors, activities and speakers.

Organizers say the expo will attract people from all over the United States and is expected to have a huge economic impact on the Owensboro area.

Dave Krik of Visit Owensboro talked about the impact of bringing the event to the city 

“This is going to bring several hundreds of thousands of dollars, because again, you have the purse for the fish, and you have thousands and thousands of dollars just in fuel here in Owensboro. You’ve got all the vendors, like I said, who are going to need hotel rooms, and all the anglers are going to need hotel rooms, as are the tournament officials. This is going to be one of the largest we’ve had at the Owensboro Convention Center.”

The tournament is set to take place during the same week as the Kentucky Derby.