The most googled dream jobs by state


(CENTURY LINK) With more opportunities than ever to jump into your dream role, check out the most sought after jobs across the country, regardless of state of residence. The team used Brandwatch, a social listening and analytics tool, to find the top 10 dream jobs in America. For the purposes of the dream jobs project, we collected geotagged Twitter data from the past 5 years (June 2016 – June 2021) that mentioned “dream job” or “dream career” keywords as well as a specific job title.

Indiana- Veterinarian
Kentucky- Military personnel
Illinois- Mechanic

The number 1 most searched dream job in the nation is writer. It’s followed by teacher, director, engineer, and nurse.

Social Media Influencer, Model, Entrepreneur, Bartender, and Streamer ranked high in many states across the country, despite not being the top jobs in any state.

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