GIBSON COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT)- Mother’s Day is just around the corner and one group of moms in Gibson County is celebrating early.

‘The Well of Gibson County’ held a special breakfast for moms today at First General Baptist Church in Princeton. Emilie Brown formed the group in January after she faced challenges and needed support.

“We all struggle and go through things and we all need help and support. That is our focus for this program,” says Brown.

Between then and now, four other moms joined the group, including Hilary Davis, Stephanie Whitehead and Destiny Folsom. They shared their testimony during the breakfast.

“It is funny how in our own stories, God showed up in different ways and brought us to this program,” Davis says.

Davis says she has two kids with her husband. After suffering a miscarriage last year, Davis says she began to feel depressed and guilty.

“I was also about two months into sobriety and struggling to quit smoking cigarettes. I was stick and tired of falling into the same cycle of addiction,” Davis says.

Then she heard about ‘The Well of Gibson County’ and decided to join.

“I believe that God used this program to transition out of the pain and unhealthy cycles and move into healing and use my past to help others. I learned how to set and achieve smaller goals. I tried to quit smoking for years and now I am 2 months cigarette free,” Davis says.

Both Whitehead and Folsom also had their own set of challenges. Whitehead is a mother of three sons, overcame drug addiction, and was struggling with isolation when Brown handed her a flyer at a library.

“The amazing part about it was I had been reading the Bible and was at the place where it talks about the woman at the well,” Whitehead says.

Folsom was also a teen mom and says she lived with several families. She says going through the program helped her find support.

“It really brings you a lot of people into your life,” she says.

The women say they hope their testimonies provide a ray of hope to struggling moms and say the invite to join the group is always open.

“It does not matter what has happened in your past, you can overcome that, trust and believe in yourself,” the ladies say.

More information about ‘The Well of Gibson County’ can be found here.