EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT)- A new dog park for Evansville is in the works. The park will be located on the grounds of the Evansville State Hospital.

Some people have shown concerns about loss of green space, but officials want to assure the public that the space is not being lost, it’s being transformed.

“Friends of Woodmere Dog Park” board member Amy Walker tells me the park will feature three separate areas for dogs and their owners to enjoy. There will be one area for large dogs, one for small dogs, and an overflow area to use as needed. Walker says, “Evansville has many beautiful parks, and we have lots of dogs. We were at ‘Dog Days Downtown’ last weekend, and I was amazed at how many dogs are here in this area, people that come out with their dogs.”

Walker says in a survey done by the city, a dog park was one of the top requests from residents.
For young people especially, they want a place to bring their dogs that’s safe, they can be off-leash, and can exercise, and that’s also nice, attractive, a pretty place”.

The park will be membership based. Walker says it’s because, “We have to have electricity, water for the hydration stations, sanitation purposes, for keeping the sod growing, etc. And the main reason for it being a membership park, is so that we can have records of your pets’ vaccinations so we know that he and she are up to date on their shots, making it a safe space for the dogs and their owners”.

Walker explains there are a few different membership options. She explains, “The membership is $12 per month or $120 a year. We also have 22 ‘remaining life’ memberships which are $1,000. And that’s for up to three petsAnd thats for up to 3 pets. And with a life membership, you can pass that on to someone else one time”.

One day a month, the park will be open free to the public. Walker adds, “The public can come in, give it a try, see what they think, and decide if they want to become a member or if they just to come once a month”.

Amy Walker tells us they hope to break ground in the fall.