GIBSON COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) — Part of US 41 near Princeton was closed after a crash involving two semi-trucks and a car.

The accident happened near the intersection of US 41 and County Road 100 West, near Toyota.

The crash happened just after 2:00 Thursday afternoon.

Officials said a red semi with a box trailer rear-ended another semi. A car was also hit during the crash.

Princeton Area Firefighters Union Local 1634 said one person was taken to the hospital with severe injuries. Two other drivers had minor injuries.

Gibson County Sheriff Bruce Vanoven said a blood draw will be taken from all three drivers to see if anyone was under the influence.

“All that I can release at this time is that this is a serious bodily injury accident. And this way we do measurements, we have the state police come in and reconstruct the accident. So that way if it does get to litigation or death that we have all the information possible,” said Vanoven.

Indiana State Police are helping with the investigation.

Andrew Turner is a 30-year resident of Gibson County and travels through this intersection everyday says this intersection almost cost him his life a few moths ago.

“”I go through here about 20 times a day because I deliver parts for Napa here, and I see the semi-trucks go through there constantly running the red lights long after it’s turned red,” explained Turner. “I personally got hit here in April and I almost got killed when a semi-truck, a dump truck ran the red light and hit me.”

Sheriff Vanoven adds to that sentiment as well saying it’s been too many accidents at this intersection and something needs to be done.

“I know that previous politicians, previous law enforcement officers have pled with the Indiana Department of Transportation to get this intersection addressed,” said Sheriff Vanoven. “This is just another piece in the case of why, another piece of evidence that can be used that say this is why this needs to be changed.”