Tips for Taking Care of Fish in the Summer


Hundreds of fish were found dead on Monday morning at Mesker Park Zoo.

While veterinarians are trying to find out why, wildlife experts have some tips for Tri-Staters with fish.

Fish kills, as they are called, usually result from not enough oxygen in the water.

In the summer, water stays warmer longer and photosynthesis is less effective.

For people at home with ponds or lakes, fish kills can be nearly impossible to prevent and de-oxygenation impacts different types of fish.

Environmental expert Mike Wathen says, “Your carp, bullhead catfish, that type of thing, they’ll do really well. Fish like threadfin shad, crappe, they’ll die really quickly because they can’t tolerate the oxygen loss as readily.”

Wathen says homeowners can help by using less chemicals and making sure algae aren’t out of control.

Shallower bodies of water are more vulnerable.

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