Tooley Sentence Ends ‘Horrendous’ Kidnap, Rape Case


Kendra Tooley, the woman behind Ricky House in the high profile Joelle Lockwood case, pleads guilty in Posey County court Tuesday.

Tooley and her boyfriend, House bound, caged, and raped Lockwood for two months in their Stewartsville, Indiana trailer.

She pleads to one count of rape, and two counts of criminal confinement. As part of the plea agreement, she will spend 25 years in prison.

Defense attorney, Glenn Grampp says Tooley never directly raped Lockwood. “There is evidence she assisted, aided, or abetted, but she never personally had any time or engaged in sexual acts with her,” he says.

In the courtroom, Tooley explained to a judge how she helped House tie Lockwood up, lock her in a cage, and perform sex acts on House.

House was found guilty in his trial last year, due in part to Tooley’s testimony. He was sentenced to 93 years in prison.

Posey County Prosecutor, Travis Clowers, says the two years since Lockwood was freed has been a grueling process. He calls the facts of the case “horrendous” and seemed relieved the case’s legal life came to a conclusion Tuesday.

Tooley’s ex-husband, Ron Higgs, was the man who found Lockwood during a visit to House’s trailer in September 2014. In an interview with Eyewitness News two years ago, Higgs describes the moment Tooley told him about Lockwood.

“She sat over on the couch beside me and said, ‘I’ve got a girl back here in a cage’ I said, ‘you’ve got a girl back there in a cage? What you talking about?’”

Higgs says he first saw Lockwood wearing only a t-shirt with a dog collar around her neck.

“[Lockwood] says, ‘I’ve been here for over 60 days, they put me in that cage,’” Higgs recalls.

For two months, Lockwood was trapped and treated like a slave.

For two years Tooley has waited for this end.

“It was time for her to move on,” Clowers says, “this is what she wanted to see happen and we thought this was appropriate.”

Tooley is 46 years old. The judge granted her time served since she was in jail since her arrest. She will be nearly 70 years old by the end of her prison sentence.

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