INDIANA ( – Time to break out the frying pan with some eggs and bacon for a good old-fashioned breakfast in bed. If you are wondering why, its because June 19 is Father’s Day! surveyed 1850 adults about Father’s Day and here is what they said.

When asked who was planning on celebrating Father’s Day, 75% said yes and 25% said no. 80% of the adults said their favorite way to spend Father’s Day was with family. More than half of the group planned to give their father’s a gift. What are the most common Father’s Day gifts given?

Here is what the survey said.

  • 31% said a meal with family and friends.
  • 29% said a gift card.
  • 28 % said clothes or a tie.
  • 20 % said tools.
  • And 19 % said a greeting card.

According to the survey, those gifts are mostly in line with what the majority of fathers want.

  • 45% said they would like a meal.
  • 25% preferred an experience like a sport game or concert.
  • 24% would like a gift card.
  • 20% said they would like technology like a TV or phone.
  • And 19 % said they prefer tools.

Now that you have an idea, tell us at Eyewitness News what you’re giving your father, on social media with the hashtag, #giftsformyfather.

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