HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- A third suspect has been taken into custody in connection to the double homicide that occurred on Mount Vernon Avenue.

According to an affidavit, 30 year old John Cameron Parker along with Caden Wayne Harms were picked up by another suspect, Richard Dee Garrett, who are both currently in custody, on Mary Street. Garrett told police that while traveling to the West Side of Evansville, Parker and Harms stopped to change clothes before parking near a residence on W. Virginia Street.

Richard Garrett told police that he observed Parker who wore a red hooded sweatshirt, remove a black handgun from a backpack before exiting the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Surveillance footage showed Parker walk towards a residence on Mt. Vernon Avenue while Harms acted as a “lookout” role down an alley west of the residence. Garrett told police that after a few moments heard multiple gunshots. Garett then took the pair back to their residence on Mary Street.

Harms told Police that he and Parker had planned to kill Michael Blankenship in a robbery, and that a fourth person was in on the plan and had provided the handgun used in the crime. Harms corroborated to police that Parker was responsible for killing of Michael Blankenship and Mitchell Greathouse, and that upon returning to the residence on Mary Street, the pair burned their clothes, along with a wallet taken from one of the victims on a grill behind the residence. Police say that upon searching the residence, they found red staining that was swabbed and confirmed to be human blood. Harms also stated that he buried the handgun used in the crime near his residence. The handgun was recovered in a search by police.

Parker is facing the following charges:

  • 2 counts of murder
  • Robbery
  • Obstruction of Justice