EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Matt Kohl is one of just 32 people around the world to receive the stars of life award from the Global Medical Response and the American Ambulance Association. The organization hands out the award for heroism and quick thinking.

“Obviously I’m humbled and I’m flattered that my peers would think of me as someone deserving of this, but really as cliche as it sounds, this was the job we all chose to do,” says Kohl.

Kohl and his partner were first on the scene at a hit and run incident in Evansville in January involving a young child. Kohl and his team rendered aid that very likely saved the victim.

“You’re under a tremendous amount of stress. So, to do all of the medical treatments we can, especially in that situation on a child – in the middle of something as chaotic as a car accident -like that – it takes a very specific kind of person to do that,” says Kohl.

Kohl’s partner, who was with him on that fateful night, says that Matt’s character is perfect for the job, and he is well deserving of the reward he received.

“Matt’s extremely dedicated – to the organization and to the career of EMS, in that respect like most of the supervisors we have. He takes the time to do extra projects, working extra, doing extra stuff. He never hesitates to come in,” says James DiMarco, a fellow paramedic and Operations Supervisor.

Some are calling kohl’s actions heroic. He says he was just doing his job.

“So when you walk up on something like that, it can be a lot; but, it is one of those things. You train for it, so when it happens, you’re as ready as you can be,” says Kohl

The Evansville Paramedic is to be honored at the American Ambulance Association “Stars of Life” awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. this November.