Evansville, In. (WEHT) – The impact of the explosion along North Weinbach Avenue in Evansville was widespread. Along with those who live in the neighborhood, many who work in the area were also affected.

The security system at A+ Financial and Color My World Daycare are among several surveillance cameras to capture Wednesday’s explosion. Lori Rodgers was in her office when it occurred.

“It was scary. The parents immediately came one at a time and picked up their children.”

Rodgers says the building was shaking and items were falling off the shelves.

“We literally had debris coming down on our building. I mean we had this hit our building, and this thing is heavy and we had paper and insulation all over my car.”

Rodgers says she shut down her computer and made sure the kids in the daycare were safe. But after the kids were gone, her nerves were still unsettled.

“It took me an hour and a half drive just to calm down because of my chest. It just felt like our adrenaline was pumping.”

Just down the road, the security system at ABK Tracking also caught the explosion.

“Personally, it was pretty challenging,” says Dan Koester, owner of ABK, “We had to shut down our business yesterday.”

Koester says he heard a lot of screaming immediately after the explosion, and that part of his building is damaged.

“The initial reaction when it happened; it shook our building. We had a lot of damage on both of our buildings.”

While the damaged buildings can be repaired or replaced, both Rodgers and Koester say their safety was temporarily compromised, but not taken away.