EVANSVILLE, IN (WEHT) – Many people converge on New Orleans each year to celebrate Mardi Gras, and even without traveling as far, many celebrated the holiday at home in tri-state

For the last 15 years Stockwell Inn in Evansville has been helping residents celebrate Fat Tuesday. Over the last few days Stockwell Inn owner Audrey Christie says they were packed with customers over the past few days leading up to Fat Tuesday.

“We opened on Sunday all day and then Saturday we opened at 11,” Christie said. “It’s just been a steady stream of people if not slammed this is the most down moment we’ve had. I think people went back to work today.”

One person who took part in the celebration was Charleen Kaelin from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
who has celebrated Mardi Gras her entire life.

“Well I tell you on Sunday they have the family version and that’s the kind that we go to,” Kaelin said.

One thing you’ll always see during Mardi Gras is the beads and “It takes a Village” had beads for sale with all proceeds going towards their animal rescue.

“Go out of for all types of medical expenses, for feeding them and taking care of them,” Bobby Conway, a volunteer with It Takes a Village says. “It’s been nice, we’ve had two or three super days and a lot of them just real nice.”

In order to make sure all her customers are all well taken care of when they come in, each year Christie has to hire more staff to meet the demand.

“It’s crazy I always bring in a lot of part time help with my full time they work 14, 15 hours a day at least,” Christie explained. “It’s the same people every year and then there’s a lot of new faces every year too. The same people will be here and then when they leave, like tonight they’ll leave and say see you next year,” she added.