EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – From Palm Sunday to Good Friday, churches have been preparing for one of the biggest days in Christianity.

This is all done leading up to one biggest celebrations of the year in Easter Sunday. As churches gear up to welcome so many people for the holidays churches like St. Benedict Cathedral has seen their attendance steadily rise.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in attendance at masses again across the diocese,” said Tim Lilley, director of communications for the Evansville Diocese. “We all have heard over the years regardless of denomination that church is community and I think there is a real desire to gather again as a community to worship. “

For Crossroads Church, they have been preparing for Easter weekend for the past few weeks.

“We are looking forward to this Easter feeling a little more normal, certainly than the past several have,” said Aislin Carter, executive director of formation at Crossroads Church. “I think it was just two years ago we were in the Eastland Mall parking lot having a Easter service. Feels good to know that hopefully a lot of our people who may even been worshiping on line to this point may be coming back to join us.”

Lilley says there is a significant focus on commemorating specific events in Christianity.

“I think across Christianity this is considered the holiest week of the year,” Lilley said. “From Jesus triumph and entrance in to Jerusalem on palm Sunday, through the last supper through his passion and death followed by his resurrection on Easter Sunday morning.”

Churches leaders for both say they are expecting Easter Sunday to be one the biggest attended services of the year.