HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Police in Henderson say they are going door to door in north Henderson as they attempt to locate escaped fugitive Bradley Gillespie.

“It’s very worrying and it makes me very nervous.”

For people living in the normally quiet north Henderson neighborhood, the manhunt for Bradley Gillespie is stoking fears heading into Memorial Day Weekend. Eyewitness News spoke with several people in the community who wished to remain anonymous.

“We’re just afraid, the kids are afraid. We are just trying to stay indoors. I mean, my children are on summer break and I have a few days off of work and we’re just trying to stay inside. We’re very afraid, so hopefully they catch him sooner rather than later. We wouldn’t want a tragedy to happen.”

Henderson Police released new photos of Gillespie on Thursday, showing his many distinctive tattoos. HPD is leading area search efforts along with the United States Marshall service, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and several other agencies as they exhaust all resources to bring Gillaspie back into custody as soon as possible.

“We are locking our doors, our vehicle, and we are not going outside.”

HPD is suggesting that businesses and homes in the area check their surveillance video for any sign of the convicted murderer.

“It’s something that you’d never thought you’d deal with. I’m from California, our family is from California. We’re use to having that back at home. Having moved here we’ve never seen anything like it so it’s obviously nerve-wracking and scary. It’s not something I want my children to deal with.”

HPD says they will have an update at 7:30 on the latest about Gillespie’s whereabouts; you can stream it live here on our website.