TRI-STATE (WEHT) – COVID-19 numbers have increased in the tri-state over the last few weeks and health officials say this is one of the biggest increases of the year.

During July the Green River District Health Department which covers seven counties in Kentucky
including Henderson, Daviess and Union County. It was reported that just over 190 COVID cases,
but that number has since rose for the month of August.

“This month, we reported out 1,203 cases,” said Merrit Bates-Thomas, PIO for the Green River District Health Department. So that’s over 500 percent increase in the number of cases that we’ve seen reported for the month of August.”

Officials say there will be a new booster available in the next several weeks. As COVID cases rise many people over the last year have resulted to using at home test to detect their families possible sickness.

“They may be extending the shelf life of some of the home test beyond the date,” stated Bates-Thomas. “So to look for updated information and don’t just throw away a test kit as it immediately goes out of date.”

The Green River District reported six COVID-19 deaths in the month of August.