DAVIESS COUNTY, KY. (WEHT) – Budget cuts in Daviess County could have an effect on the RiverPark Center.

The Center host many events including Drag Shows inside the Ghostlight Lounge. Jordan-Blake Key who spoke on behalf of the LBGTQ community at the meeting
said they never thought it would get this far.

“We’ve had people sharing their voices on why the RiverPark should be defunded because of one programming, one program that they have drag shows that happen on once a month on a Saturday and so the county defunds the entire river park, like wow it’s really gotten to this point in which the RiverPark as a cultural organization has come into question.”

Key says the LBGTQ community has heard some residents state that drag shows don’t show suitable art for but Key and others say their shows at the Ghostlight Lounge are for adults who are 21 and over.

Michael Schoenwald an Owensboro resident attended the meeting wanted to see how tax dollars for community was being handled.

“Since there is city tax revenue going into the RiverPark to the sum of over $200,000 dollars, I think the community should also have some say as to what happens at the RiverPark,” said Schoenwald.

Key says they just want the opportunity to express themselves and host events the same as anyone else.

“It wasn’t anticipated for the fiscal court to change their decision, that is not why we were,” Key stated. “These commissioners are here to represent all of us so we wanted to make sure our voices were heard.”

Nothing was passed during the fiscal court meeting, as it was more of an opportunity for the court to present its plans to the community.