(WEHT) – On Wednesday night Hurricane Ian made its way to Orlando, FL, which for one Tri-State meant dealing with their first hurricane.

The Abell family along with other vacationers were stuck in their hotel with nervous emotions as they couldn’t fly home as Hurricane Ian approached. and when the storm finally arrived it was unlike anything the Abell family was accustomed to.

“Rainfall it picked up and the wind most certainty picked up,” Abell said. “It was blowing everything out of the trees. I stepped outside at one point to check it out and it’s definitely a wind you don’t see around the tri-state.”

His family tried to fly out of Orlando on Tuesday before the storm and now their flight for Friday has been cancelled as well. Now they will have to pay for two extra nights at their hotel.

“Our flight was cancelled but we’re hoping to get out of here Saturday morning but that’s still pending too,” Abell explained. “We don’t know for sure. I think everyone in the hotel is thinking it’s time to hunker down and get use to this place for a minute.”

This family had been trying to plan a trip to Disney World for the last eight years but things just never seemed to work out in their favor.

“Tried to go to Orlando multiple times but hurricanes have cancelled things before we came but this time we thought, we’re here not going to happen and we were, we got a back hand from it,” Abell explained.

Abell says they were lucky the hotel didn’t sustain much damage but the same couldn’t be said for the rest of the city.

“The flooding in the streets and telephone poles and street lights down and we talked to one of the waitresses at the hotel who was telling us that a couple streets were flooded pretty bad,” said Abell.

Instead of flying into the Evansville Regional Airport like they had planned their only way home may be to fly to Peoria, Ill. They will be on standby hopeful they will be able to return home Saturday afternoon.