EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Deaconess Midtown Hospital will be making a $12 million investment into the hospital as they look to renovate two of their ICU units.

the renovations will cover nearly 27,000 square feet inside the facility. Deaconess health system CEO Shawn McCoy says it these innovations will help provide the best care to patients.

“Our current ICU’s were built in 1994 and while that doesn’t sound like a long time ago at least to me it doesn’t in medical years that’s a long time,” McCoy said. “We’re a major trauma center. We get a lot of referrals from the 35 counties that surround Vanderburgh County and so we want to bring the level of facility up so that it can meet the needs of those patients.”

Phase one of the project is already underway. with construction on an expanded waiting room with phase two will include work on the patient care area.

ICU rooms will be expanded to house larger medical equipment, modernize staff work areas and combine two separate ICU’s into one to improve efficiency.

“The nursing unit itself has been designed with what they needed and making sure medication rooms supply rooms are, meet their needs in terms of taking care of the patients,” Jennifer Chiusano, chief nurse executive for the Deaconess health system said.

McCoy believes it’s important to continue upgrades as technologic advances improve over the years.

“The family is much more integrated in care today than it was back in the 90’s so having more space for family to be in the room and then just equipment,” McCoy said. “There’s a lot more equipment now to take care of a patient than there was 25 years ago.”

Officials say they expect the project to be completed by summer of 2023.