EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – A small auto theft spree has hit Evansville and police believe the thefts could be linked to something bigger.

The Evansville Police Department is estimating that the vehicles were stolen and damaged between 1:30 and 2:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Dealerships are either on or just off Green River Rd. One jeep was stolen from LUX Motors and a Dodge Charger taken D-Patrick. Evansville Kia had two vehicles that were damaged but none were stolen. Authorities believe all of these crimes were connected.

“There was criminal mischief to the vehicles,” Sergeant Anna Gray, PIO for the Evansville Police Department said. “They all seemed to be the same type of damage. It appears that someone tried to bust in the window and we do know the suspects possibly used some sort of device to try and override the system which would make the vehicles start and that’s how they were stealing the vehicles.”

Law enforcement started receiving calls from dealerships around 7a.m. Friday of missing vehicles and damage. They believe these thefts could be connected to a professional crime ring.

“Obviously we think it is on a bigger scale,” Sergeant Gray said. “Whether or not it is connected to the specific ones in different states that we’ve heard about. I think the detective needs to make some phone calls and ask and find out more information before we say for sure it is that but certainty. It certainty seems like its along the same path.”

With the advanced technology the suspects are expected to have used in the heist, police don’t think these strings of thefts and damage are ordinary thefts.

“They obviously had a plan and was well thought of and especially with the technology to be able to override the system,” Sergeant Gray explained. “We’re not talking about somebody that happened to find a pair of keys laying on the seat and took the car so this is definitely a little bit more advanced than we see here in Evansville.

The department has also discovered that a Dodge Ram was stolen from Evansville Hyundai on June 2nd just after midnight. Detectives are working to figure out if the vehicle stolen on Thursday is connected to the string of vehicles stolen and damaged in the early morning of June 3rd.