EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – In Monday’s 2023 Evansville city budget proposal, a new full-time position was mentioned as a possibility for next year. Some Evansville City Council members say with all of the many hours of their day to day lives that they allot to help address the needs of their constituents, extra help may be needed.

Council President Zac Heronemus says, “some of us counselors who have full time jobs often this is a difficult endeavor for us to continue to stay on top of what needs to be done from day to day perspective.”

The position would entail assisting the council with research and serving as a liaison between department heads.

“We don’t have any staff who does administrative work for us as far as research and data collecting,” says council member Ron Beane.

However, some council members say they don’t feel like they need that added assistant.

“Our job is part time to begin with,” says Councilman Jonathan Weaver. “As a person who was past Finance Chair for a couple of years and a realtor which is 100 percent commission, and same thing with Missy Mosby, we don’t have problems balancing that and we don’t think council assistant at this point in time is needed.”

Councilwoman Missy Mosby agreed. “This is my fourth term and it is a very hectic job, says Mosby. “And there’s a lot of things that you know we are asked to do as a city council member, but you knew that when you put your name on the ballot. You knew that this position required a lot of time and effort.”

At the budget proposal, there was some confusion between the council on who the assistant would actually be working for. Initially, it sounded like the assistant would only be available to leadership roles, which was a concern for some council members.

“I think it’s important that whoever will be in that position will be available to all members of council and not just leadership,” says Beane.

But Councilman Heronemus that detail has been ironed out between the Council.

“They will be obviously available to all city counselors as it is for all the needs that really the residents of Evansville truly need.”

Still, some say the added expense for a full time salary could be used elsewhere.

“I’d like to have that $37,000 plus all the added benefits, probably about $50,000, and put that towards the city parks,” says Mosby. “It would be much better spent there.”

The position is still up for a conversation within the council members and will be decided on by the time the budget proposal is finalized later in the fall.