HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- An Evansville man is in custody after being arrested for his alleged involvement in a double murder on Mount Vernon Avenue.

30 year old, Richard Dee Garrett was arrested on October 25 after police connected him to the crime which took the lives of Michael Blankenship and Mitchell Greathouse. Police used surveillance footage from the area of the crime to identify a white passenger car occupied by three individuals. The vehicle has a distinguishable marking which led investigators to Garrett and his significant other.

According to an affidavit, Garrett had picked up two other individuals on Mary Street, who then changed outfits near a local business. Garrett said that he believed that the individuals were going to commit a robbery given their actions and attire. After leaving the area of the business they parked near a residence on W. Virginia Street when one of the passengers removed a handgun from a backpack before exiting the vehicle, and moments later, Garrett said he hear several gunshots before the passengers returned to the vehicle out of breath.

After Garrett learned that a double murder occurred, he did not contact law enforcement and acted to conceal and dispose of blood evidence from the vehicle involved. Garrett is facing multiple charges, including two counts of murder and obstruction of Justice.

Garrett was also involved in a September 2021 shooting that took the life of Douglas Fulkerson. Garrett was not charged as he acted in self defense.