EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – One Evansville native is returning to Ukraine in effort to bring some holiday cheer to those impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Joy is just one of the things Dr. John Pfefferle is hoping to bring many of the children and families of Ukraine when he returns. He will be lacing up his boots, putting on the big red suit and hat as he will turn into Santa Claus. His sleigh will be filled with toys, clothing and blankets.

“These kids, their life has been turned upside down,’ Dr. Pfefferle. “I mean it’s hard to describe what i think is going on in their heads. If we can do something to give these kids just a little bit of peace, all they hear about is war, war, war,” he added.

Dr. Pfefferle will be primarily visiting orphans and hospice residents that have been displaced but spreading holiday cheer won’t be his only duty.

“I know I won’t be Santa all the time,” Dr. Pfefferle said. “They’re doing a lot of construction to put people up. Especially with the winter coming so I imagine I’ll be helping in food lines and helping with construction, delivering food and medicine as well.”

Though many people wouldn’t think to go to a war zone, he always has had a willingness to want to help others.

“It touches a part of me that feels like as blessed as I’ve been in my life and all the advantages I’ve had in my life, how do I not try to help somebody else with what’s been given to me,” questioned Dr. Pfefferle.

His will be headquartered in Ternopil while in Ukraine which is about three hours from Kyiv
and they will try to go as far east as possible in an effort to stay safe and provide extra help to those in need.