Evansville owned buildings enter pre-pandemic phase

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EVANSVILLE, INDIANA (WEHT)— Evansville city officials have worked to tear down plexiglass and other stickers that existed inside city owned buildings. Building authority general manager David Rector said these buildings are returning to what was once considered normal.

“You see all the signage is down. There are certainly a lot of people not wearing masks but there are people still wearing masks,” Rector said.

Some people were still wearing masks inside. Lisa Watson said she still sports hers indoors for a reason: the unknown.

“You still don’t know who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t. When the weather changes you’re up for new things, new environment, things in the air and I think if we don’t keep masking up for a while that we’ll have an uptick in the fall,” Watson said.

Rector said he’s no longer wearing his inside the building- a strange feeling after a year developing that habit of wearing a mask.

“Much of the relief I thought I was going to feel- it just felt strange too. When I got out of the car I grabbed my mask to come in and when I left my office I reached in my pocket and grabbed my mask- so I guess a habit’s been formed over a year but it sure is nice not to be wearing it,” Rector said.

Rector said city officials are not regulating who’s vaccinated or not- they are allowing people to enter with or without a mask based on their own comfort zone.

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