EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Family, friends and other members of the Evansville community came together help lay to rest Charles and Martina Hite after they passed away during their home explosion on August 10th.

A remembrance and celebration of their lives with some in attendance speaking to the love they shared and the spark they brought to everyone’s life.

“Our team is very much a family and that was no exception with Charles and Martina,” Fresh Market store manager Mindi Marchand said. “Having such wonderful people on our team was a true blessing.”

Charles began working at Fresh Market first but knew he would enjoy it even more with Martina by his side.

“Martina was shy at first but she learned and that confidence grew and soon enough she blossomed,” Marchand explained. “As a team they brought out the best in each other both personally and professionally. You could never see Charles without Martina or see Martina without Charles.”

Pastor John Eaton of Full Gospel Mission to love they shared even during the tough COVID times.

“We had COVID going on and for Martin’a 35th birthday because of COVID Charlie could not take his wife to celebrate so he baked her a cake turned on some music and they sang a sweet song.”

They recorded them singing on that special day and the recording was played during the funeral service. The playing of the song led to many people in attendance becoming very emotional.

Everyone who spoke about the Hite”s say they loved to do everything together. Jessica Teague who lived next door to the Hite’s will have a funeral service on Wednesday with a private burial at a later date.