EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – The family of Michael White continues to search for answers after a three day manhunt for the 64-year-old ends after gunfire with law enforcement.

Authorities say White was wanted on warrants related to dealing meth.

According to White’s family, he was on home incarceration and wearing an ankle monitor before he took it off which led authorities to began searching for him.

“He would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed it,” one family member said. “He had a bad time,” another family member explained. “He got out of that trouble then he came back and opened his business in the garage working on fix anything like lawnmowers anything. So it wasn’t like he was armed and dangerous a big drug dealer running around crazy. It wasn’t like that at all.”

White’s family believes the situation could have ended in a different way if they had the opportunity to speak with him during the manhunt but they never got the chance.

“There were several people that would beg police officers,” White’s brother said. “They wouldn’t let nobody go talk to him.”

Some members of his family even remember the last messages they received from him.

“Last time I heard from his was Monday after Fathers Day,” she explained. “I got a text message that said thank you for being my friend. I got kids but you’re the only one that told me Happy Fathers day.”

The Indiana State Police says they hope to have an autopsy on White’s death later this week.

The family says they don’t think White would have taken his own life.