KENTUCKY (WEHT) – The military is made up of people from all walks of life and many of the people who make up the military are women. In honor of their contributions, the first all female Honor Flight in history is preparing to take flight.

Over 130 women will be taking the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. that allows veterans to tour historic monuments and create friendships with other fellow veterans.

For Air Force Master Sergeant Ramona Turner, being able to experience this moment with other women and share stories from their careers in the military is something she says she can’t wait to do.

“I will be able to hear their stories on, on being there and how this affects them and how we’ll all just share it together and will probably make some friends for life,” Master Sergeant Turner explained.

Her family has its share of military members and one of those special people in her life is her father, who was one of the first people she told about the Honor Flight. Her father was in the army and was so excited when he found out about the trip.

Though he has now passed away, Master Sergeant Turner says the bond and relationship they had, will never be forgotten.

“He was always my biggest cheerleader even before I went into the military,” Master Sergeant Turner explained. “In basic training your held to a certain regime, omg so you can’t make any phone calls or anything so the first phone call you can make you call home and I never cried, never cried at all until I heard his voice.”

If it wasn’t for her dad, there’s a chance she wouldn’t be part of this historic flight as her father was the one who gave her the idea to join the military.

“It’s so funny. When I was a little girl I wasn’t going to have anything to do with the military cause my father was shot in Korea,” Master Sergeant Turner explained. “I said well my friend is going to college for four years, I can do this for four. My four turned into 22.”

Hearing about other women’s service and achievements is one of the highlights Master Sergeant Turner is really looking forward to but in her 20 year career her service was highlighted as well, being awarded 15 medals and awards in her career.

“The Airforce has a program that’s called the 12 outstanding airmen of the year,” Master Sergeant Turner said. “That’s out of active duty, reserve the whole bit and I was one of the ones chosen for 1986.”

Even though part of her career was spent in D.C., she believes thus trip will be a visit like no other.

“It’ll be a different kind of feeling sharing with some of the people who have probably been to some of these places and are the reason why these monument have been built,” she added.

The flight will depart from the Blue Grass Airport in Lexington on Saturday and return later that night.