EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – First responders prepare for life threating situations all the time but the firefighters who were first on the scene of the home explosion on Weinbach Avenue never imagined what they would see when they arrived on scene.

It was just like any other day at Engine 4 of the Evansville Fire Department when private Aaron Bigge was lifting weights but before he could finish, he heard one of the loudest sounds he ever heard as the building began to shake.

When the home explosion happened, Engine 4 which is only 500 ft. they didn’t imagine what they would see.

“This is something I’ve never been on,” Bigge explained. “I first came on about five years ago when Hercules happened. I was in class when they were talking about that but I never thought I’d actually be on an explosion like this. this is, they say this is even worse than Hercules was.”

Lieutenant Tony Kirsch of Engine 4 says it’s all about being prepared for any situation.

“We heard the explosion and we immediately got on the truck and I think we were on scene in less than a minute so there was actually still debris in the area in the air falling when we pulled up on scene,” Lt. Kirsch said. “Immediately as we pulled on scene we saw victims in the street.”

When you encounter something of this magnitude, the firefighters say they it sometimes takes a toll on you.

“It’s hard and I was in zombie mode yesterday,” Lt. Kirsch said. “Honestly went out to dinner last night with my wife and I couldn’t even order dinner. I couldn’t make any decisions, I was emotionally exhausted.”

For Biggie, his brother is a captain at another fire station and he believes it’s always easier to talk to his brother, rather than taking those thoughts home to his family.

“It helps out a lot because as a firefighter and a lot of the other guys know, you can’t there’s certain things you can’t you don’t want to talk to your spouses about,” Bigge said. “I don’t want to put that on my wife. with my brother Adam he, it’s a big help.”